7th February 2024
I set off for a morning stroll about 8:30. 
I had a purpose in mind, to get away from over thinking work and life balance. I needed to have a contemplative walk with God. Truth is I am still struggling to find my feet, to work out where I fit in. I underestimated the magnitude of this move. I do not have friends yet and family is about 5hrs away. I am trying to shift my perspective on how uncomfortable I am and lean into being outside of my comfort zone and get out there and make a change. 
There are many lessons to be learnt here and one of them is that God sees me and understands where I am at. He knows I need friends and he will send me the right ones I just need to trust him. So I am just going to go with the flow and trust the Holy Spirit to guide me .
As I kept walking it dawned on me I hadn't invited God to walk with me . I stopped for a few seconds took in a deep breath and asked the Holy Spirit to guide my thoughts and reveal His thoughts to me.
I looked down the hill ahead was the Conwy Castle , to my left was the coast and civilisation. The contrast of being up on the mountain hearing birdsong and yet also hearing sounds of cars and church bells got me thinking; why I'm I quick to run from the real world? Why do I feel safe up in the mountains. Why do I refuse both worlds form a part of who I am. The hustle and bustle of town life and the quietness of the rural life are should be embraced equally.
As I walked back home a thought dropped in my heart which I embraced quickly. I finally accepted that the reason God sent me to Conwy was quite contrary to what I had in mind. 
I am here to help and I am happy to help.

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