12 Feb 2024
The sun was my favourite thing this morning. I stood still and watched it ascend from halfway up the hill until it was all the way up in the clouds. It was a peaceful moment.
After many shots with my camera I only managed a few good ones. I definitely need to work on my capturing the sun skills.
As I soaked in the warmth and brightness of the sun I begun to think of God's Glory. I was immediately convicted to pray for my country and for the world. I prayed for God's glory to remove sin from the world.
 I pleaded for His mercy. 
Psalm 121:6 came into my mind ''The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night.'' 
A verse to meditate on.
A successful contemplative walk my camera. 
My mind was free and creative as I played with the camera settings and tried different angles.
My soul was still as I listened to the quiet breeze and breathed it in cold and sharp. 
The early struggle to get out of bed was definitely worth it. 

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