14 Feb 2024
My walk this morning up the Conwy mountain was more of a casual stroll. I took my time to enjoy the scenery and to be in the moment. No beautiful sunrise today as the sun's hidden in the clouds. I noticed how equally beautiful the clouds were, soft and pillowy looking, as they slowly moved along the mountain tops. Patches of red and pink hue as the sunlight peaks through the clouds.                 

As I listened to the Bible Project's podcast on the sermon on the mount, I began to reflect. It dawned on me that although I knew about The Sermon on the Mount, it had become overfamiliar and I never paid close attention to it. 
I can almost recite the Beatitudes word for word. The Beatitudes made it into Sheldon's morning prayer, where we would recite it every Thursday. I also remember the scene in the Chosen film series where Jesus was preparing The Sermon on the Mount  - a very touching scene.
In the podcast, the director of The Chosen reflected and told the story about that scene, where Jesus announced to a half-asleep Matthew that He had a map, a direction for those looking for me.

                    ' The way to find me is to go to the meek, you will find me with the                             peacemakers and the righteous'(not verbatim).  

This got me thinking, would people find Jesus through me? Am I a peacemaker? Am I a signpost to the saviour? 
The answer is yes, with the help of the Holy Spirit. 

I believe with God's help, I can signpost people into His upside-down Kingdom where the meek and the unimportant people in my community can find restoration and hope.

As I got up the Conwy mountain, I imagined myself within the crowd 2000 plus years ago when Jesus delivered this sermon. I asked myself,
What would my heart posture be whilst receiving this sermon for the first time 2000 years ago?

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