13 Feb 2024
I thought I'd try something new today. Going up the Conwy mountain is my new favourite thing to do in the morning. Today I decided I would take the path at the bottom of the mountain instead. The path with the coastal view to my right. I was rewarded with views of beech trees almost shimmering in the morning sun. I could hear the woodpecker in the distance and in the far distance to my left were views of green hills and farmhouses. To my far right I could watch life go by - I stopped and watched the cars go by. 
What a contrast?
I thought I needed to challenge myself more so I headed up for the summit. I didn't get right up to the top when I was last here so I had to this time. Again I was rewarded with lovely views and cold blasts across my face from the wind. 
What goes down must come up . It was time to go back down - my least favourite part of a hike.  I enjoy going up hill , going downhill does get to my knees. 
As I made my way down I reflected back on the walk , I had faced my fear of heights by taking a different up the hill. I was rewarded with lovely views .
I got to see what was on the other side.
God rewards those who are daring to take a different path. He rewards those who trust him in unfamiliar territories. 
If you find yourself lost He will redirect you. He will catch you if you fall. He is with you always.

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