20th Feb 2024
I had a slow meditative walk today. I took my time to listen and reflect on another Sermon on the Mount episode.
The reflection was on The Beatitudes and why the word 'Blessed' may not be a helpful translation. The correct word in Hebrew is Ashrei - translated, how happy are they. Jesus was showing us who had 'the good or happy life' from His point of view. 
          ''Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth''             Matthew 5:5 (ESV)
 Using Matthew 5:5. as an example, How good is life for the meek/the unimportant (Jesus's point of view), for they shall inherit the earth ( this is the blessing).
This got me thinking, what does my perspective of 'the good life' look like? From the world's perspective, the rich and famous have 'the good' life - contrary to what Jesus preached. 
The good life to me at this moment is having a quiet moment to myself up the Conwy mountain. The good life is also having a healthy family, it is knowing God is always with me and I do not have to do life alone.
Being able to see the sunrise in the morning is a blessing and adds to the good life. It is a reminder that even when things are not going how I would hope for them to, I have God by my side and am in a good position to receive His blessing.
As long as you keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, the good life is where you are now, in this moment.

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